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“Why I do what I do….”

Claire Caddick.

In essence growing wealth through Spa!  Claire has been in the Spa and hospitality industry for 30+ years working at ground operational to Board level.  Still showing a deep passion for the industry and an equally deep understanding of what makes it happen, and work advantageously for it’s providers.


Inspirational and motivational are her key attributes alongside the tangible aptitude for understanding what makes the industry ‘tick’.  Always striving to be a step ahead of competitors and trends and delivering just that ‘little bit more’ seasoned with articulate delivery of all facets.  Be it feasibility, treatment design, break from the norm spa concepts, and always braving and embracing taking the step forward that others will ultimately follow!


Mix this evident fervor for the industry in the fast moving competitive 21st century with the tried and tested business side of the coin, a true spa and hospitality professional with ability to deliver first class business planning, budgetary control, KPI achievements, problem solving, and a hands on approach to trouble shooting.


Claire will spend a day and accomplish much with you, or work hand in hand to develop and grow your own special business over time from a short / long term project, or management contract, and profit share management also.  New build small plan, large scheme, or engage in existing of all spa types to re-energise and find your lucrative place in the market.



Simply put, honest and experience led solutions.

Demonstrative integrity for each project, every one is unique and of equal importance.

Reliable time earned expertise, for which there can be no substitute.

Flexible approach to your business and your desires.

Large or small, new or existing, passionate drive guaranteed!!!