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During this past week I have been working on and thinking about a few new collections and has prompted some questions about this particular suite of experiences, so for those of you who asked me, here you go. This is the original draft of treatment descriptions, including the cultural influence grouping with Venik.


Brimstone autograph full body massage. Specialised muscle comforting techniques with beautiful and unusual warm oil blends bestow this delight upon you. Sure to beguile and mesmorize, leaving you with a soothed body and tranquilised mind.

 A beautiful combination of massage techniques with warming fragrant oils to indulge and delight fatigued, aching legs and feet, and loosen tightness and tension in the scalp, head and neck. Offering extreme contentment and serenity for ‘the walker’.

 Cosset yourself with this superlative back and shoulder treatment. Captivate the mind with dazzling fragrance, intense cleansing and refining, paired with soothing, muscle melting massage. Truly unwind and enjoy the hushed anointment of natural salves and oils.

 A calming and gentle body beautifier, created for those with fragile skins, or perhaps suffering with disease or recovering from illness. The well-being touch of warmth from a skilled therapist to comfort your soul, soften your skin and lift your spirits.

PURE ALCHEMY Traditional Bathhouse Collection

A bespoke collection influenced by inspirational cultural rituals practised for spa and social benefits for thousands of years by ancient civilisations.

 The crucial elements of hot and cold combined with treat and relax are vital to create the ancient art of Spa.

 A cabana ritual journey created for the individual with aspects selected from each of the treatment options, coupled with heat and steam to recreate a sophisticated visit to the ancient bathhouse.

Full Body Bubble Cleansing 
 Typifying the traditional cultural ritual of far off lands, deeply cleansing the body with masses of hot fragranced bubbles, created by traditional means. Deep skin cleansing is achieved for perfection of following treatment experiences. Pre body treatment perfector.

Hammam Mizzle Massage

 The opulent comfort of a full body massage in tandem with the function of a gentle body exfoliation, delivering a purifying body delight like no other, optimum enjoyment and results are seen when combined with heat and steam.

Ghassala Cocoon (meaning ‘to wash’) 

 Healing Volcanic clay with selected enhancing oils and encrustation of pure salt to envelop and intensely purify the body, combined with the luxury of a balancing scalp and head massage. Sublime treatment experience when combined with heat and steam.
More to come when current ‘works in progress’ launch of course.

Claire x

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